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Custom Vinyl Shirt, navy

  • A 50/50 Gildan cotton blend t-shirt that can be customized with a monogram, or single letter of your choice. We use top of the line vinyl that is heat pressed at 315 degrees for 25 seconds onto the t-shirt. We have many options available so that this unique item fits your personality.

  • Custom field information must be written in order for the design order to be fulfilled. Name, monogram, or single letter must be specified, as well design choice, written as it named in the picture.

    The design will appear on the t-shirt as shown, and placed as specified in the custom field. Monograms will appear with the first initial on the left, last initial in the center, middle initial to the right (i.e. Jane Doe Smith would have JSD as her monogram).

    If a letter, monogram, or name is not specified, the design will be fulfilled as is given, even if that means without that portion of the design. Orders will still be charged at the given rate and an additional fee will apply for a later add to the design.

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