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Candle by Dahlonega Candleworks

  • These one of a kind Amy's Attic featured candles are a hand poured creation of a local candle artist known by Dahlonega Candleworks. They are soy based 8oz candles and will burn evenly for a full 72 hours. A little Amy's Attic hint: burn the candle using a warmer to (without burnign the wick) to get a full month's use out of these delectable beauties.

    Creme Brulee offers a fresh baked scent of vanilla and savoryness.

    Appalachian Mountains has the crisp warmth of piney woods.

    Mulled Cider smells of warm cinnamon and apples siting on your stove.

    Apple Ale has the sweet scents of apple the smell more of apple pie. 

    Fresh smells of fresh out of the dryer, laundry.

    Lavender Lemon is a great stress relief to a long day.

    Sundrenched Vineyard is the scent of sweet wine.

    White tea & Ginger is great citrus substitute with a soothing scent.


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